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Go traveling during the Spring Festival?Free pedestrian gas in sanya ranked the top destination

Date: 2019-12-15

"Tourism festival" is gradually replace the "home", "new folk" as the Chinese lunar New Year holiday.Distance have a little more than a month of time, the Spring Festival travel booking into the rush hour.Ctrip on December 13, from online travel platform release of the Spring Festival free pedestrian gas destination list and price index "(hereinafter referred to as the" report "), sanya is still in the winter vacation in the Spring Festival of 2020 free pedestrian top gas, and tourism consumption per capita than usual price falls, the superior tourism will bring tourists experience.

As Chinese tourists to travel more and more experienced, and free line of products is more and more perfect, more and more Chinese people favor free line.Recently, ctrip according to January 21, 2020-31, hair "air/train tickets + hotel" packaging product line and free meal order data, which released the report.Changbai mountain, guangzhou, xiamen, sanya, chengdu, xian, chongqing, lijiang, zhuhai, Harbin status columns such as Spring Festival in 2020 winter vacation free pedestrian gas in top ten list, the price of most popular destinations are rose from 5% to 10%.Morning, HongYa cave as "daruma" beauty pickups, xian, chongqing and other web celebrity destination was bigger, the price more than 15%.Meanwhile, zhuhai become Chinese New Year's day to be bestowed favor on newly, prices rise.Niche destinations and the twins swim become emerging tourists choose, such as "shantou/zhuhai and Macao" line become to be bestowed favor on newly.

During the Spring Festival where the most cost-effective?Freedom, according to a report this year Spring Festival, sanya line price is 5989 yuan, per capita fell 2.2% year on year.The relevant person in charge of ctrip said it with lower sanya hotel prices and travel related to the centralized purchasing.As more and more hotels in sanya, sanya hotel prices during the Spring Festival this year is expected to cut from 10% to 15%, to a certain extent can alleviate "hotel is expensive, difficult to book the hotel".Meanwhile, wenchang, qionghai and go into the domestic most valuable destination among the top 10.

Snow and ice tour is winter travel good choice.Affected by the construction of worship ceremony ski resorts, northeast tourism destination this year prices fell, changbai mountain tourism prices fell 8.4% year on year, Harbin fell 9.1% year on year, the domestic per capita consumption fell by the most free line is changchun, compared with last year fell by half.

Abroad, the highest ratio of destination are Mexico, India, Egypt, the Netherlands, Fiji, Burma, Sri Lanka, Greece, England, Portugal, Mexico, long-term destination and product big decline.Mexican free line price largest decline, fell 32% year on year, QiBaQian yuan cheaper than normal.